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    When asked what her favorite book was girl I knew in school once said, "Books be wack yo". It's the kind of statement that would make Bill Cosby's heart skip a beat, but the fact is many people are not excited about reading.

    Enter the Vook. It is what it sounds like. The Vook's makers claim it blends text and video in a single, uninterrupted reading and viewing experience.

    This new reading format allows the reader to read and watch high-quality, professionally produced video with visuals that add more depth and advance the plot of the story more than static pictures or illustrations.

    Four vooks have already been published by Atria Books as part of a partnership between Simon & Schuster, Inc., and Vook. These titles are available in two formats: standalone mobile applications for the iPhone and iPod touch (at the Apple App Store), or as Web browser based editions and

    The four books available now are:
    PROMISES by Jude Deveraux
    131 pages/17 videos

    EMBASSY by Richard Doetsch
    125 pages/13 videos

    RETURN TO BEAUTY by Narine Nikogosian
    83 pages/16 videos

    170 pages/13 videos

    Check out the demo below and tell us if you think this is a game changer. Will it make you read more?

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    From records to clothes to silver screens, it's almost like Diddy has eclipsed the mainstream community.  The larger than life ad of himself for Sean John clothing seems to speak out like a metaphor as it pertains to his presence in the country, even outside of music.

    With that said, it would only make sense that Diddy would be the next to jump on the iPhone craze as he has partnered up with BlackBook Magazine to create ‘Diddy's BlackBook'.  The application for the phone will allow users to have a guide to some of Mr. Combs' favorite hot spots accompanied with reviews of various shops, restaurants and clubs across the country.

    The addition to the device has to do with the honcho of Bad Boy, but has more to do with broadening the brand of BlackBook. Ari Horowitz, CEO of BlackBook Media Corp, stated that the overall intent is to launch hundreds of mobile city guides through its access network.  Numerous partners purchased the up-and-coming phenomenon back in 2004 and networks such as Bravo and The CW have created their own versions.

    As reported earlier, along with his Last Train to Paris, Diddy has packed up from Atlantic and moved on to Interscope Records along big names such as Eminem, Soulja Boy and 50 Cent.  As many artists have been moving from Shady and the Interscope home, word has been slowly traveling that the label intends to do some Spring cleaning and clear its roster for a clean slate by 2010.

    Bringing Lil Wayne on his international trip for the upcoming album, Combs' stated that Weezy's Young Money label was like a reflection of Bad Boy in its prime.  Although giving him a nod and propping him for the movement he is creating with the new generation, Diddy also noted that he is still competition when it's all said and done.

    For those that are in Young Money, hopefully it won't be exactly like Bad Boy of old and if so, make sure those two albums are classics because it's it after that.

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    Bishop Eddie Long's Office Burglary Was Done By By Accusers [Video]

    Looks as if the Bishop Eddie Long scandal may not be over just yet, according to published reports , a June break-in at the church were related to the lawsuits filed by the four men who accused him of sexual misconduct.

    According to FOX News 5 in Atlanta, the June break-in was done by two men who were allegedly being assaulted by Bishop Eddie Long, who wanted to show the Bishop that “he was not invincible”.

    “That man was hurt”, victim Jamal Parris said in his September interview. “He wanted to get evidence to prove what was happening to him and to all of us.”

    Parris also states that the break-in was not about the cash, but instead a way to try to hurt Bishop Long the only place they could...the church.

    According to published reports, although the Bishop's office was vandalized and a IPad, IPhone and speakers were taken, the men left behind over $100,000 worth of jewelry in Long's personal quarters,

    “They are feeding the media that this was about money,” Parris continued. “But it was about more than that, these men were collecting evidence because they were tired, tired of being hurt and used-so they decided to stand up for themselves and do what they had to do to get attention.”

    Check out the coverage below:


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    Who would've thought photo apps would take it this far? One of the world's youngest billionaires and the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has reportedly purchased Instagram for (hold your pinky near your lip for dramatic effect) one billion dollars. The Zuck took to Facebook to make the huge announcement. “For years, we've focused on building the best experience for sharing photos with your friends and family,” Zuckerberg said in the post. “Now, we'll be able to work even more closely with the Instagram team to also offer the best experiences for sharing beautiful mobile photos with people based on your interests.”

    Zuckerberg went on to say that Facebook will be improving on the apps strengths while keeping features within the app that allow photos to be published on other social networks, and the ability to have followers and follow people who are not necessarily your Facebook friends. This stunning announcement arrives just days after Instagram allowed Android users to download the popular photo sharing app. What are your thoughts?


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    Photo: New Line Cinema

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    Still think Donald Glover's rap schtick is all fun and jokes? Childish Gambino recently stopped by the Tim Westwood show and joined a long list of rappers to kick a freestyle for the overseas fam.

    Donald chopped up Usher's "Let Me See" single as well as French Montana's "Shot Caller," pretty impressively. I'd have to give him a thumbs in the middle for these freestyle after he pulled out the iPhone to finish off "Shot Caller." Seems like everyone pulls out phones for these things now a days so do we just let things like this slide now? Let us know after the jump. Get Royalty right here. 


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    Beats Electronics, the audio products company founded by Hip-Hop producer Dr. Dre and Interscope-Geffen-A&M boss Jimmy Iovine, has cornered the market with their high-end Beats By Dre headphones and other audio equipment. According to a report from tech site  Boy Genius Report (BGR), it appears that the company is looking to make a splash in the increasingly crowded smartphone and television markets in what is billed as an effort to take on technology giant Apple.

    Electronics manufacturer HTC made an initial investment into the Beats line, hoping to tap into the company's popularity and offer other collaborative products. Although HTC has already sold back half its ownership stake to Dre, Iovine and the Universal Music Group, they are part of a creative team that will develop a smartphone for the brand. While there is no name yet for the device or specs, Beats intends to introduce a service similar to iTunes nicknamed “Daisy” and plans to roll out a subscription-based music streaming service in the same vein as Spotify and other such apps.

    Choosing not to rest on its laurels, the Beats team is also unveiling a “TV With Beats” via a partnership with manufacturer Samsung. BGR reports that the Beats TV will perform much like Apple TV and hopes that the new smartphone device will integrate seamlessly with the new television sets. This set up nearly mirrors Apple's set up with its iPhone and how it plays well with other products the company produces.

    Is there room for another smartphone? Can the Beats line compete with the big boys in the ultra-competitive tech world? If the success of the Beats By Dre headphone line is any indication, it appears that a fight for technological supremacy may be brewing soon.

    As of now, there is no timeline for the release of the Beats phone.


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    Photo: BGR

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    Let's face the facts. In the gadget geek world, Apple's iPhone has been killing it in the smartphone arena for the last five years. Although some balk at the almost yearly update to the hardware—considering the iPhone 4s just came out last fall—the schedule never seems to slow down folks from snatching up the devices with glee. The arrival of the new iPhone 5 was announced yesterday, and needless to say the Apple stans were drooling over the upgrades and possibilities that await as soon as they get one in their hands. 

    Some are wondering what exactly the new details on the iPhone 5 are—besides the usual "it's lighter and faster" talk, which it is.  Hip-Hop Wired is here to break down why you should, or should not, shell out dough to add yet another iPhone to your collection when it's available worldwide, September 21st.

    Check out the details in the gallery.



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    Photos: Apple

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    Apple has been rumored to be working on a TV for more than a year now, but sources claim that the company is now in the design-testing process.

    According to a report in the Wall Street Journal “people familiar with the situation” revealed that Apple is working with component suppliers in Asia to settle on a large screen high-definition design.

    Two sources revealed that Hon Hai Precision Industry, Co.—which assembles iPhones and iPads—has been working the Sharp Corp. in Japan to construct the design. “It isn't the formal project yet,” said a source. “It is still in the early stages of testing.”

    Despite the rumors, former Apple executive Jean-Louis Gassee doesn't believe that the technology giant “will  make, or even wants to make” a television. From his Monday Notes column:

    To realize the dream, you need to put a computer—something like an Apple TV module—inside the set. Eighteen months later, as Moore's Law dictates, the computer is obsolete but the screen is just fine. No problem, you'll say, just make the computer module removable, easily replaced by a new one; more revenue for Apple…and you're right back to today's separate box arrangement. And you can spread said box to all HDTV's, not just the hypothetical Apple-brand set.

    If Apple were to get into the television game, they'd likely be as popular as their other items. According to its 2012 annual report, Apple has 390 stores, an average of $51.5 million per location. It's also increased its workforce from 60,400 last year to 72,800 in 2012.



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    Cassidy just wants the respect he deserves. But the way the Philly native is going about it is highly debatable. Last night, the "Hotel" rapper dropped a song called "Me, Myself, & iPhone" that sends blatant shots at Meek Mill and also addresses whether he and Swizz Beatz are still cool and even that "Condom Style" track he dropped last weekend.

    For the song's concept, Cass takes a bunch of calls from people asking him questions, in rhyme, and he answers and sets the record straight, in rhyme. To his credit, he lets off some decent enough lines, including, "I raised son, I was around when the clown couldn't even get his braids done" and "I usually don't get mad but I had enough, when he dropped that son 'Amen' that was blasphemous."

    Who really cares? Meek Mill did, at least enough to respond, as usual, via the Twitter arena.

    "Listening 2 this diss..... Ima say cuz you lost ya mind! U really gone up top mentally ...... I feel sorry for u! Lol," tweeted Meek. "When me and @CASSIDY_LARSINY was locked in the same jail!!! He was on "PC" protective custody .... I was on the "drama block" #difference."

    Of course, Cassidy had to respond in kind, via Twitter, when his jail cred was questioned. [sigh] "They automatically put U on PC when U famous & in the newspaper..
    But I had pull.. So I got off after the 1st month, did 7 1/2 in population.. FOH," he tweeted.

    Meek also said he was now down to battle, but Cass basically said it was too late and to "step them bars up."

    Listen to Cassidy's "Me, Myself & iPhone" below, and check out the tweets in the gallery.

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    Kenneth Schmidgall's dedication to his iPhone is nothing to play with. When his phone came up missing, rather than file a claim to get a replacement, he tracked down the suspected thief and beat him up.

    The San Diego resident and his roommate, freelance news photographer, Greg Torkelson, tracked down the device using the “Find My iPhone” app, which led them to a man whose movements matched that of the dots on the iPhone tracker. The alleged thief was confronted on Torrey Pines State Beach, and blessed with an embarrassing fade that will hopefully make him think twice about stealing phones. “I wasn't looking for a confrontation, I just wanted my phone back,” Schmidgall told the Huffington Post.

    The altercation was caught on video and shows Schmidgall and the man going toe-to-toe in a battle that involved a few wobbly punches, a headlock, and pepper spray. The thief was later held down by an off-duty cop until police came.

    Even though his iPhone was an older model,  the retaliation was more about principal. “It's not the phone that's so much important,”  the 26-year-old construction worker said. “It's that people get away with this kind of stuff all the time with cellphones being stolen.”

    As for the man who was beaten up and put in a stronghold as snot ran out of his nose (possibly due to the pepper spray), Torkelson hopes he's learned a lesson. “Hopefully he won't try this again, and anybody else out there that's seen the video or is watching the segment will also think twice before stealing somebody's phone.”

    In related news, Apple is said to testing software for the iPhone 6.  Thieves beware.


    Photo: MSN

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    The sales of Apple's iPhone came in below expectations for the third quarter in row this week. Apple reported its first quarter revenue on Wednesday (Jan. 23) announcing the shipment of 47.8 million iPhones over the sales season ending in December. The number was up 29 percent from a year earlier, but below the 50 million projected by Wall Street analysts.

    Shares of the tech company dropped 10 percent, getting rid of roughly $50 billion of its market value.

    Apple boasted revenues of $54.5 billion, with earnings at $13.1 billion, slightly below the forecasted $54.7 billion. Sales of iPads were at 22.9 million, while iPods peaked with 12.7 million.

    Even with growing doubt in the tech company's revenue growth, Apple CEO Tim Cook was pleased with the figures. “We're thrilled with record revenue of over $54 billion and sales of over 75 million iOS devices in a single quarter,” Cook said in a statement. “We're very confident in our product pipelines as we continue to focus on innovation and making the best products in the world.”

    Others viewed the figures as more proof that demand for Apple's iPhone has decreased. “It's going to call into question Apple's dominance in the space,” noted analyst Sterne Agee. “It's still one of the strong players, the others being Samsung and Google. It's still a two-horse race, but Android continued to grow rapidly.

    “If you step back a bit, it's clearly they shipped a lot of phones. But the problem is the high expectations that investors  have.  Apple's conservative guidance highlights the concerns over production cuts coming out of Asia recently.”

    As previously reported,  Apple has cut production of its iPhone 5 model and is prepping the release of the forthcoming iPhone 5s.

    Photo: Gizmodo

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    BlackBerry is between a rock and a hard place right now. Today the company revealed its new Z10 model in hopes of once again becoming a viable opponent in the smartphone race, announced Alicia Keys as its “Global Creative Director,” and changed its company name from RIMM to BlackBerry.

    For users hoping to no longer be embarrassed by pulling out a BlackBerry in front of iPhone and Android supporters, the new device can (hopefully) ease that pain. But in all honesty, there's still the strong possibility that committing to the struggling smartphone isn't a sure bet, and in the last several years technology has moved so fast that BlackBerry may be too far behind to catch up.

    Yes, adding Keys to the equation makes things interesting, but should a company put all of its faith in her? We'll have to wait and see, but after looking in our iPhone Magic 8-Ball app, we've come up with some reasons why the Z10 might want to keep cookin' in the oven for a little while longer.

    Peep ‘em below.

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    Yesterday was a huge milestone for Apple. The technology giant made it to 25 billion iTunes  song purchases since its start, a decade ago. 

    Roughly 15,000 songs are downloaded on iTunes per minute, according to Eddie Cue, Apple's SVP of Internet Software and Services. “We are grateful to our users whose passion for music over the past 10 years has made iTunes the number one music retailer in the world,” Cue said in a statement.

    The lucky customer was Phillip Lüpke of Germany. Apple announced that he will receive a €10,000 ($13, 381) iTunes Gift Card.

    Despite less than expected quarterly earnings and a dip in shares, as of last month, Apple became the top mobile downloading service. The release of their iPhone and iPod has contributed to the amount of music purchases, as it provides a one-stop-shop for customers.

    Three years ago the iTunes store hit the 10 billion download mark, and surpassed 1 billion in 2006.

    “In a lot of ways, iTunes has leveled the playing field for musicians. Whether you're unsigned, indie, major, whatever—it's the place most people go to buy digital music,” noted Wesley Schultz, guitarist and lead vocalist of The Lumineers. “iTunes doesn't exclude any musicians simply because they're not yet established or popular.”

    The iTunes store is the world's most popular music catalog with more than 26 million songs.

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    Either Alicia Keys hasn't quite broken up with her iPhone, or someone is out to get her.

    Since she's been named the Global Creative Director of Blackberry, Keys should be taking every opportunity to promote the reboot the fledgling technology empire, but some sneaky hacker won't allow that.

    A post on Keys' Twitter feed referencing Drake's new joint, appeared on Monday (Feb. 11) with a "Twitter for iPhone" stamp underneath it. The 32-year-old hit back claiming that someone was playing a cruel trick. "What the h*ll?!!!! Looks like I've been hacked... I like @Drake but that wasn't my tweet ."

    Days before the New York native was announced as the newest member of the Blackberry team she tweeted from her iPhone. "The Internet is buzzing with speculation as to the exact time Alicia Keys ‘broke up' with her previous smartphone. After a transitional period, she's officially an exclusive BlackBerry 10 user today," he rep said in an email to the press.

    Like many of its customers, Keys' relationship with her device hit a sour spot, causing her to cross over to the Apple side of things. But now she's back, so long as those Internet thugs stop trying to ruin things.

    [Spotted at Rhymes With Snitch]


    Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 11.41.46 AM


    Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 11.42.44 AM



    Photo: Mario Tama

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    Samsung is coming for Apple's crown .The tech company continues to give the competition a run for its money, with its popular Galaxy phones, and just introduced the S IV model, Friday (March 15).

    The apparatus takes touch screen to a whole new level, by reading users' eye motions rather than just relying on their fingerprints. Be it answering calls, or surfing the ‘Net,  Samsung has made it so easy for its customers to complete normal functions, that they won't have to even touch the phone to do so. “You can do a lot with the Galaxy S IV without ever touching it,” noted writer, Mike Gikas. “The only phone that can do this are Samsung's jumbo-screen Galaxy Notes, but those require you use an S Pen Stylist, which the S IV does not have.”

    Thanks to the Smart Pause feature, videos will automatically pause if the user looks away. There's also a photo editing option to remove things from images taken with the phone, without deleting the entire picture.

    As far as the software and look goes, the phone is incredibly thin but has a 5-inch HD “Super AMOLED” screen, a 13 MP rear camera, and 2GB of RAM—twice that of an iPhone 5. Android Jell Bean 4.2.1. will remain the operating software,  alongside Samsung's TouchWiz interface.

    But even with tons of features, not everyone is on board.

    From Venture Beat:

    I'm going way out on a limb here, and cutting it off behind me.
    But I have a theory. The more Samsung 'adds value'  to Android by customizing a version of it for the Galaxy line of phones, as it's doing with its new Galaxy S IV, the more it will suck. 

    But companies, like people, do best when they stick to what they're good at. Better yet, what they're great at.

    And let me tell you, there's no way that Samsung is great at machine language translation. And facial/eye recognition to drive smart document scrolling. And building app stores for hundreds of millions of global users. And tying Kinect-style hand gestures to phone functionality navigation. And building a personal health/self quantification system. And programming a voice-controlled smart personal assistant. And implementing a ticket-and-card aggregating Apple Passbook clone. And any of a thousand other software-based features Samsung is adding to its phones  and laying at the pagan feet of the ruthless god called product differentiation.

    With a choke-hold on the Android phone market, Samsung hopes that its latest product will add to the already impressive sales stats of 400 million total units sold last year, 57 million of which were smartphones.

    The phone will be available on all four major carriers (Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T) as well as telecom companies Cellular and Cricket Wireless. It drops April 26, and comes in black and white.

    Click below to see photos.

    Photos: Tech Radar/Atlantic Wire

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    With so many artists using Twitter as a medium of promotion it makes sense that the company launch a music app. Twitter made the iPhone application available to the public today, after testing it out with celebrities first.

    TheTwitter #Music app -- available only in the  U.S., U.K., Ireland, Australia and New Zealand--  gives users playlist suggestions based on who they follow.

    From ABC News:

    The app is centered around four pages or tabs, which you can swipe through to access.

    The Popular page shows you new music that's trending across Twitter while the Emerging tab shows "hidden talent found in tweets." While those two parts feed you information about what the collective Twitterverse is jamming to, the last two focus on who you follow and your personal music taste.

    The Suggested tab shows artists you might like based on the artists you follow on the service and who they follow. And finally the #NowPlaying tab shows songs your friends are listening to or tweeting about. For instance, if your friend tweets that they are listening to a song by Justin Bieber, that song will show up on that page.

    The iPhone app, which "Good Morning America" got an exclusive early look at, has a slick and polished design. All the pages have a grid made up of artists and songs; tap one of those and the song will start playing along with a fun spinning CD animation in the bottom left corner. Tap on that and you get an enlarged CD -- you can drag your finger around the CD to fast forward or rewind within that song.

    This latest development is another step in the company widening its social media sharing options.

    An android Twtter #Music app has not yet been announced.


    Photo: Twitter

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    The loyalty of an iPhone user should never ben questioned, from this point forward. Tragically, one New York man was electrocuted, and then struck by a Subway train while trying to get his fallen gadget off the tracks.

    Francisco Diego, aka  Teck Trackz, was a 22-year-old DJ from the Bronx. He was killed Saturday (June 1), and finished off by a No. 2 train, at the he Wakefield-241St. stop, the last on its route.

    After his iPhone fell, sources say Diego managed to get in between two train cars and onto the tracks. He was shocked to death after touching the third rail, followed by the train hitting his body as it pulled into the station.

    Diego hosted parties at the Bronx nightclub Maximo's Place, one of which recently went down over  Memorial Day Weekend.

    Some were surprised that he would risk his life, for a phone. "He's not the type to jump into the subway to get it," said a 16-year-old friend. "He would just go et a new one. That's why this is so shocking."

    Unfortunately, the weekend's incident wasn't the first time Diego made it onto the tracks. "He's done it before," his sister Nandy, said. "Which is why he tried to do it again. But this time it wasn't successful. I feel like my heart has been ripped out."

    He was rushed to Jacobi Medical Center, but was unable to be revived.

    A friend described Diego as "super friendly" and always had a smile on his face. His marked the second death by a No. 2 train over a 24-hour period.

    Early Friday (May 31), a man died after being hit by a northbound train at the E. 174th station. The victim was reportedly pinned between the train and the platform.



    Photo: Facebook




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    If you've ever stretched your patience waiting in line at a crowded bar, wait no more.  BarEye, a new app launched Thursday (July 25), allows users to skip the human list and order drinks digitally.

    The bar-friendly startup, backed by New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma, gives users a new way to purchase drinks at the club, from the palm of their hand. Vilma business partner, Andrew Bennett, created the app to enhance the drinking experience for young tech-savvy customers.

    The mobile app business is booming with new and innovative ways to engage mobile device users and their interests. BarEye, available on iOS and Android, conveniently bridges that gap as bar-goers can buy and send drinks to others from remote locations upon checking in, via smartphone. Consumers can sign in with Facebook, chat with other BarEye users, and even receive promotional offers.

    Vilma and Bennett aim to engage drinkers, and open multiple revenue streams for bars."I've been a bar owner for several years now and seen how quickly people get on their phones to check in on social networks or text friends, after ordering a drink," Vilma said. "Now with BarEye, they can open one app to do all of that and order drinks at the same time. They can even buy a drink for a friend as an icebreaker to get them to come hang out."

     The duo will recruit franchisees to sell and market the app. Purchased drink revenue will be split between the franchisee, the bar, and BarEye, which is only available in New York City, Atlanta, Austin, Miami, and Los Angeles.

    Be on the lookout for participating bars near you.


    Photo: NYDN

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    Apple geeks, circle September 10 on your calendars. Rumors are swirling about that a pair of new iPhones will be unveiled on that date. After earlier news that a budget version of the popular iPhone was possibly being released, sources say the flagship 5 version will also see a hardware update.

    Wall Street Journal's tech site, All Things Digital, reported over the weekend via a source that Apple plans to drop the iPhone 5S and 5C next month. Although the tech giant still enjoys massive sales behind the smart phone device, the market has been upended by the continuing emergence of Android devices that typically cost less. Adding fuel to the fire, Apple and chief rival Samsung have been battling for dominance in the hand-held device arena for some time.

    Vietnamese publication Tinhte, well known by Apple fans for always snagging preview photos and unboxing events, released unofficial pictures of the rumored phones in comparison to the current iPhone 5 class. Featured in “dummy model” gray, the photos show some of the distinct differences between the 5, 5S and 5C.

    The 5S will have a dual-bulb flash in comparison to the single bulb it uses now. Other possible features, such as a fingerprint sensor, have been speculated but nothing is confirmed. It can also be assumed that the devices will using the iOS7 operating system which is now in testing phase.

    Apple's attempt to go after bargain hunting consumers could prove to be fruitful if the release dates stay true. And as expected, the older devices could see up to a $200 drop in price which is a coup for late iPhone holdouts.

    Check out the gallery to see the photos of the devices.

    [Spotted at VIBE]


    Photos: All Things Digital, Tinh te

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